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Solar Plexus Chakra: Activate Your Inner Power

manipura chakra ayurveda
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Manipura chakra is also known as Navel chakra because it is positioned in the middle of abdomen behind the navel. Its energy radiates 7 cm below and above the navel and has an impact on the Root chakra and Sacral chakra.

Sanskrit word Manipura means “city of gems”. It is the center of Pranic energy and personal identity. That is the center where all 72.000 subtle energy nerves connect and also a site where 12 types of Prana or vital force are present. 

This chakra corresponds to solar plexus - a complex network of nerves located in the abdomen. Manipura is also known as Fire center, Sun center, Nabhi chakra, Third chakra and Solar plexus chakra.
At around 14th year of life, this chakra begins its developmental stage, giving us personal power and  better understanding of what we want out of life.

Manipura chakra is associated with will, knowledge, mental clarity, confidence and self control. It also governs ego, self esteem, self love, acknowledgement of your own worth and ambitions.

manipura chakra ayurveda
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Solar Plexus Chakra Characteristics

- It is the seat of the subtle element of fire.
- It physically governs stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder and small intestines.
- It regulates digestion, metabolism and body temperature.
- The gastric fire, called Agni, is also present in the Manipura chakra.
- It is one of the main sites of Pitta dosha.
- The health of Rakta dhatu (blood) is depended on Solar plexus chakra.
- It is connected with our sense of sight.
- The associated color is yellow. Higher frequencies of this chakra can turn into golden yellow.
- The mantra sound that corresponds to Manipura chakra is RAM.

how to balance manipura chakra

An unbalanced Solar plexus chakra may cause several physical and emotional problems. 

1. Physical problems: arthritis,  allergies, adrenal malfunction, gastric ulcers, hepatitis, diabetes, constipation, jaundice, weight problems, liver infections, chronic exhaustion, pancreas and gall bladder issues, digestive problems, reflux, ibs, sight problems, high blood pressure

2. Emotional and psychological problems: addictions, nervousness, lack of courage and confidence, depression, confusion, narcissistic personality, envy, lack of energy, lack of ambitions or too high ambitions, poor memory, uncontrollable anger, superior attitude, obsession with the power, mania, paranoia, manipulations, fear of fire, self doubts, too aggressive or too passive, defensiveness, egoism, lying, always feeling like a victim, excessive control or authority, irresponsibility, perfectionism, having many ideas but not realizing them, fear of confronting people or taking risks, laziness, materialism.

When Manipura chakra is activated, the person is spontaneous, dynamic, optimistic and in control of their emotions and life.

Feelings of shame and embarrassment, self consciousness, constantly worrying about future, feeling powerless, criticizing yourself or comparing yourself to others will weaken Solar plexus chakra.

Large and hard stomach or sunken diaphragm are signs of imbalanced Solar plexus chakra.
Many workaholics who like to rule through domination and intimidation have over active Solar plexus chakra.

In case you have a deficient Solar plexus chakra you will find it boring to pass life and hold onto grudges.

How To Balance The Solar Plexus Chakra

Foods that can help balance Solar plexus chakra:

Eating yellow foods in beneficial for manipura chakra. Sweet potatoes, squash, yellow lentils, yellow peppers, lemons, corn, pears, golden apples, oats, spelt, grains, brown rice, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, ginger, chamomile, turmeric, chickpeas, bananas, pineapple, mango, quinoa, couscous and ghee.

food for balancing manipura chakra
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Crystals that can help balance Solar plexus chakra:

Stones like citrine, tirger’s eye, yellow tourmaline, amber, yellow jasper, sunstone, yellow jade, golden calcite, yellow topaz, lemon quartz, yellow labradorite, pyrite and agate can help heal and balance your Solar plexus chakra. Place gemstones on your navel while lying down to help open and align the Solar plexus chakra.

manipura chakra crystals
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Essential oils and herbs that can balance your Solar plexus chakra:

Chamomile, bergamot, cedarwood, rosemary, ginger, lemon, black pepper, cinnamon and clove.
Put a drop or two of essential oil into a neutral carrier such as sesame oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil etc. Gently apply the oil topically by rubbing them over your belly, lower back and middle back.

- Speak up for yourself.
- Get courage to do something that scares you.
- Add some of the color yellow into your life. Yellow increases motivation and mental awareness.
- Keep you Agni healthy. Agni stimulation is one of the most important aims in Ayurveda. Drink beverages at room temperature or slightly warmed. Eat about two cupped handfuls of food at every meal to avoid overeating. 

Read more about Ayurvedic diet tips here: Ayurvedic Dietary Guidelines | Improper Food Combining | The Ultimate Ayurvedic Food List

- Since fire is the element of Manipura, spend time in sun or sit in front of camp fire.
- Challenge yourself with new experiences and activities.
- Manipura is also balanced through reading.
- Develop new skills.
- Massage your belly in the morning.
- Wear gold jewelry.
- Nabhi Vasti is a simple and safe treatment commonly used in Vedic medicine for balancing the Manipura chakra. Here is step-by-step tutorial: Nabhi Vasti Treatment.
- Activate your core with exercises or dance movements.
- Take responsibility for your life.
- Yoga exercises that stimulate the energy in Solar plexus chakra are plank, the wheel pose, the bow pose, the cat pose, the fish pose, forward bend, nauli kriya, uddiyana bandha, sun salutations and many more.
manipura chakra yoga asanas
Image by TeenyTinyOm

When you start opening Solar plexus chakra all repressed emotions will come out to heal.
You will be able to have respect for self and for others, strong willpower, set good boundaries, make commitments, feel motivated and confident and enjoy life more fully.

Author: Ayurveda Tutorials

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