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What Is Soul?

ayurveda spiritual soul

According to Vedic philosophy every living and non-living being in this universe is a combination of five basic elements called Panchmahabhutas. 
Human body is material production of these five eternal elements in various compositions and different modes of material nature. 
The only difference of living body from the non-living is the expression of spirit soul, life spark or consciousness.


Formation Of Toxins In Ayurvedic Medicine

symptoms of ama toxins ayurveda
Image by Julie McMurry

Ama is the main reason for disease formation. It can be compared to toxins and it is produced whenever there is malfunction of agni (digestive fire)Ama is created of improperly digested food.


The Five Great Elements (Panchmahabhutas)


The five great elements are:
  • Ether / Aakash
  • Air / Vayu
  • Fire / Agni or Tejas
  • Water / Jala or Apa
  • Earth / Prithvi


Traditional Ayurvedic Carrot Dessert

gajar halwa

Gajar Halwa is traditional Indian carrot dessert which is perfect for balancing the Vata dosha.