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Eight Branches Of Ayurveda

ayurveda division
Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Ayurveda is divided into eight specialized branches:

1. Internal medicine / Kaya Chikitsa
2. Pediatrics / Kaumara Bhritya
3. Psychiatry / Graha Chikitsa
4. Diseases of eyes, ears, nose, throat and its surgery / Shalakya Tantra
5. Surgery / Shalya Tantra
6. Toxicology / Agada Tantra
7. Rejuvenation therapies / Rasayana Chikitsa
8. Aphrodisiac therapy / Vrisha Chikitsa


Beautification Rituals Of Indian Brides

ayurveda beauty traditional
Poto from the movie Jodha Akbar

On her wedding day the bride is considered to be the personification of the Goddess of fortune and beauty, Lakshmi. The wedding day is also believed to celebrate the divinity and beauty of the bride as she transits to womanhood. Each adornment is meant to bring out the natural beauty of the bride. Indian weddings are not one day ceremony, it can be a week long celebration.