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Kitchari - Ayurvedic Healing Dish

Kitchari or khichdi is a common and easy-to-prepare dish from the Indian subcontinent made from rice and mung beans. It s also a very popular Ayurvedic comfort food, owing to the convenience of being able to cook the dish in a single simmering pot.


The Powerful Benefits Of Cannabis Roots

cannabis ayurveda

The root of cannabis has a long and valuable history of medical use in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been used for more than 5000 years, as a painkiller and to treat postpartum hemorrhage, STD, rheumatism, fever, infections, gout, venereal diseases, swelling and gastrointestinal diseases. 
It has been used topically to soothe skin wounds and burns. 
Juice of cannabis root has been used for lowering blood pressure, easier childbirth and to alleviate toothache.