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Throat Chakra - The Seat Of Inner Guidance

Visuddha chakra

Vishuddha or Throat Chakra is the first of the 3 spiritual chakras. Sanskrit word "Vishuddha" means purification. It is the bridge for the next two higher chakras, Third Eye chakra and Crown chakra, and gateway for fifth dimension.

It is positioned at the throat region, near the spine.

This purification center is associated with your voice, speaking truth and ability to express yourself trough communication.

Throat chakra color
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Throat Chakra Characteristic:

- Throat chakra is our fifth chakra.

- It is the seat of the subtle element of Ether.

- It is associated with thyroid gland.

- It governs anatomical region of throat, vocal cords, neck, mouth, jaw, ears, shoulders, tongue

- It is the center of spiritual truth and communication, not only with other people but also with our own self and with our higher power.

- It is connected with our sense of hearing.

- The associated color is blue. This soothing color represents communication and brings intuitive understanding.

- The mantra sound that corresponds to The mantra sound that corresponds to Vishuddha chakra is HAM.

how to open fifth chakra
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An unbalanced Throat chakra may cause several physical and emotional problems. 

1. Physical problems: 

- sore throat, laryngitis, lump in the throat, thyroid problems, neck and shoulder pain, jaw stiffness, gum disease, speech or hearing disorders, grinding teeth, weak sense of smell or taste, tinnitus, weak, hoarse or whispery voice.

2. Emotional and psychological problems: 

- lack of willpower, depression, social anxiety, lack of self esteem, habitually lying, indecisiveness, poor communication skills, introversion, fear of speaking, excessive shyness, feeling lost for words, suppressing opinions or feelings in order to keep other people happy or to avoid conflicts. speaking negatively about yourself or others, often being misunderstood, feeling of guilt.

Talking too much, gossiping, verbal abuse, speaking inappropriately, not being able to listen to others, telling lies, interrupting people while talking, talking just to fill a silence, complaining, feeling the need to be right about everything, to win an argument or to dominate in conversations, manipulation, lack of interest in what others want to say, speaking or laughing too loud, being sarcastic, speaking maliciously, verbal abuse, arrogance, inconsistency in your words vs. actions are all signs of overactivity of this chakra.

An imbalance in this chakra can also cause eating disorders.

If you have any of these problems you need to balance your Throat chakra. To successfully nourish the fifth chakra, the body must achieve a certain level of purification on the lower chakras - Root chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra and Heart chakra. Consider working with the lower chakras first to give Vishuddha stable base. 

Work on this chakra enables intake of the messages from ones inner voice.

Throat chakra develops the most from age 28-35 in which period we are motivated to express higher knowledge.

How To Balance The Throat Chakra

Foods that can help balance the Throat chakra:

Naturally blue colored foods like blueberries, plums and grapes, vegetables with high water content, fruits that grow on trees, seaweed, blue spirulina, soups, stews, Chyawanprash - herbal supplement, warm herbal teas and ayurvedic smoothies.

fifth chakra food
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Crystals that can help balance the Throat chakra:

Stones like sodalite, lapis lazuli, blue sapphire, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, amazonite, and blue lace agate can help heal and balance the Throat chakra. 

Place gemstones on your throat while lying down to help open and align the chakra or wear them on a necklace. 

gemstones for opening throat chakra
Photo by: Stux

Essential oil and herbs that can balance your Heart chakra:

Sage, thyme, cypress, spearmint, sandalwood, lavender

Put a drop or two of essential oil into a neutral carrier such as sesame oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil etc. Gently apply the oil topically by rubbing them over your arms, shoulders and neck.

- Chanting, singing, humming and reading aloud effectively activate Vishuddha.

- Be honest in communication

- Expresses your intentions clearly

- Write it down on a paper everything what you want to say to someone

- Drink warm or at least room temperature water

- Decorate your space with blue color, wear blue outfits

- Drink from blue cups or mugs

- Self express yourself in a form of speaking, writing, singing, painting or even dancing.

- Don't compare yourself with others or try to impress them.

- Transform negative experiences into learning and wisdom.

- Spend some time in a complete silence and think about how can you use your words wisely.

- If your chakra is overactive think if what you are about to say is necessary or will it hurt someone. Focus on talking less and using kinder words.

- Do neck exercises and shoulder circles. Yoga asanas that stimulate the energy in Vishuddha are : cat-cow pose, cobra pose, fish pose, camel pose, reverse plank, shoulder stand and many more.

yoga for throat chakra
Photo by: Teeny Tiny Om

Practicing these tips will naturally balance your Throat Chakra.  

When the Throat chakra is in alignment your voice sounds confident and while speaking, writing and texting, words flow easily. Verbally and non verbally you express the feelings with ease and know when to speak or to keep quiet. You speak with clarity and kindness.

Seeking and sharing the truth, ability to stand up for yourself adjusting well to changes and excellent decision making are another benefits of balanced fifth chakra.

Proper management of throat chakra and kundalini energy that flows through it distributes regenerative power throughout the whole body.

Telepathic skills are directly associated with this chakra.

throat chakra tips
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Author: Ayurveda Tutorials

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