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Secrets Of Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra symbol

The energy of the svadhishthana is very vibrant.

Sanskrit word svadishthana translates as “one's own place”. In english language it's called sacral chakra, because it corresponds to the sacrum in your spine. The frontal trigger point is 4 fingers below the navel and 2 inches in.
At around seventh or eighth year of life, this chakra begins to vibrate, giving us an emotional intelligence.

Sacral chakra is associated with the emotions, creativity, fertility, sexuality and sensuality. It also rules relationships, desires, healing, movement and control. It engages with our unconscious desires and it has important role in creating flexibility in our life. 

Sacral chakra characteristics:

physical symptoms of unbalanced sacral chakra
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- It is the seat of the subtle element of water, the fluid medium through which reproduction is possible.
- It physically governs reproductive organs, kidneys, pelvis, bladder, lower back, lymphatic system.
- It is connected with our sense of taste. As the sense of taste is dependent on smell, so is the sacral chakra dependent on the root chakra.
- Orange color of sacral chakra symbolizes creativity, new beginnings, maturity and purity.
- The associated animal is crocodile.
- The mantra sound that corresponds to the sacral chakra is VAM.

Just like the root chakra, sacral chakra is also closely associated with Apana Vata. Therefore, a strong root chakra enhances energy in sacral chakra.

An unbalanced sacral chakra may cause several physical and emotional problems.

1. Physical problems: menstrual issues, fertility problems, miscarriages, lower abdomen and lower back pain, gynecological problems, impotence, anemia, spleen problems, pancreas problems, knee problems, lack of flexibility.

2. Emotional and psychological problems: insecurity, depression, stagnant creativity, feelings of shame and guilt, frigidly, fear of change, mood swings, addictions, lack of self esteem, aggressiveness, arrogance, emotional and intimacy issues in relationships, not caring about your physical appearance, bipolar disorders, poor social skills, lack of commitment in relationships, lack of ability to express emotions, tendency towards betrayal and promiscuity, fear of water, unhealthy sexual behavior, self-pity, feelings of unworthiness, complaining.

Every time you experience abuse, emotional coldness, rejection, the sacral chakra will get blocked.

When it's balanced you have the ability to take risks, you are creative, committed, joyful, emotionally stable and sensual.

The goal is to find balance in pleasure. Eating, sleeping and sexual activities must be regulated in order to attain a harmonious state of sacral chakra. 

How to balance the sacral chakra:

sacral chakra food
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Foods that can help balance your sacral chakra:
Eating orange food is extremely beneficial for sacral chakra. Oranges, papaya, melons, apricots, passion fruit, tangerines, peaches, mangoes, pumpkins, squashes, carrots, yams and sweet potatoes. 

Crystals that can help balance your sacral chakra:
Stones like amber, orange calcite, carnelian, moonstone, pyrite, tiger's eye, topaz, orange jasper can help heal and activate your sacral chakra. You can place the gemstones on the area of the sacral chakra while lying down to help open and align it.

Essential oils and herbs that can balance your root chakra:
orange, jasmine, rosewood, cardamom, bergamont, sandalwood, ylang ylang. Put a drop or two of essential oil into a neutral carrier such as sesame oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil etc. Gently apply the oil topically by rubbing them over your pubic bone, lower abdomen and lower back.

- Since sacral chakra is all about creativity, using your creative energy will activate this chakra.
- Wearing orange color provide the vibration needed to help balance this chakra.
- Speak openly about your feelings.
- Let go unhealthy emotions and get rid of toxic people in your life.

- Nurture your femininity/masculinity.
- As it was mentioned previously in this text, Water is the sacral chakra element. Relax near open water, take a swim, get wet in the rain, sit near fountains, drink a lot of clean water, listen to waterfalls and ocean waves sounds, perform mindful hand washing.
- Cook yourself a nice healthy meal.
- Take at least 1 hour a day to do something for yourself.
- Love your body more.
- Wear a waist chain. Waist chains are traditionally worn by Indian women to mark rites of passage, heal sacral chakra and protect feminine energy.
- Go to moonbathing during waxing moon. Moonbathing is basking under the moonlight, opposite of sunbathing. Water is connected with the moon, which is shown by the influence of the lunar cycle on ocean tides. Our bodies are composed of 80% water, therefore the Moon also has an effect on the water contained within our own body. Sacral chakra is connected with procreation which is directly related to the moon, as the menstrual cycle of women mirrors the monthly cycle of the moon.
- Receive a massage.
- Declutter your house and keep it clean.
- Take responsibility for what is happening in your life.
- Watch the sunset or sunrise.
- Dancing is a great way to open your sacral chakra.

sacral chakra fertility

- Try Nabhi Vasti - simple and safe treatment commonly used in Vedic medicine for balancing the sacral chakra with warm medicated oil. Here is the step by step tutorial: Nabhi Vasti Treatment
- If you are a woman, try vaginal steam bath. Here is the step by step tutorial: How To Do Vaginal Steaming At Home
- Left nostril breathing called ida nadi will help to open up the sacral chakra as it brings lunar energy. With the thumb of your right hand close the right nostril. Inhale deeply through left nostril. Close the left nostril with your ring finger of your right hand as you release the right nostril. Exhale slowly through your right nostril. Repeat the process 10 times.
- Yoga, pelvic thrusts and hip opening stretches can strengthen this chakra. Yoga asanas that stimulate the energy in sacral chakra are seated forward bend, wide legged forward bend, reverse warrior pose, goddess pose,wide lunges and many more.

how to open sacral chakra
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All these tips can help clean and balance the sacral chakra.
When this chakra is activated you feel connected to the water, flexible, confident and creative. You will start to have healthy relationships with the people around you and you will embrace new experiences that life brings. 

Author: Ayurveda Tutorials


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