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Ayurvedic Regimen For Spring

ayurveda ritucharya

Just like Ayurvedic daily routines and routines for restful sleep, following a proper seasonal regimen or Ritucharya is important preventive medicine. 

Ayurveda And Spring:

Ritu means season and charya means routine or regimen. As different seasons have a natural effect on the three doshas, it is vital that we follow some special routine according to the various seasons. Ayurveda states that the strength and luster of a person is enhanced when diets and regimens are followed according to every season. Therefore, it is essential to have proper knowledge of the seasons. 

There is an accumulation of Kapha dosha in the winter season but during the warmth of the sun in spring, the accumulated Kapha dosha starts to melt. This weakens the Jatharagni (digestive fire) and gives rise to several Kapha dosha diseases. This is the reason many people have symptoms of cough, cold, sneezing, sinus congestion, allergies and hay fever during the spring season. A proper knowledge of tridosha can prevent these symptoms caused due to the natural aggravation of Kapha dosha.

During spring, one should follow Kapha pacifying food, give up heavy, sour, oily, cold, raw and sweet diets and consume easily digestible foods. Milk products and wheat or rice should be avoided or taken in small quantity. However, grains which are freshly harvested can be taken, as they do not increase Kapha dosha. Homemade ayurvedic detox tea helps to restore optimal digestion and pacifies aggravated Kapha. Bitter, pungent and astrigent tastes should be consumed.

One should not sleep during the day as this aggravates Kapha dosha. Vamana karma (one of the five treatments of Ayurvedic purification procedures) and Nasya (nasal medication) are the best way to cleanse aggravated Kapha. But this should be done only under the guidance of an expert. Regular physical exercises, dry massage, ayurvedic herbal cigar smoking, hot baths, drinking warm ginger tea, gargling with warm water or herbal decoctions and drinking warm water are beneficial activities in spring season. 

Author: Ayurveda Tutorials

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